• Learn Spanish in Costa Rica

    Costa Rica´s overwhelming attraction is its stunning natural landscape and wildlife. In fact, around a quarter of the country is a national park or reserve. The biodiversity is immense too. You will find rain forests, active volcanoes, wild rivers and tropical beaches. There are 850 species of bird. For this reason Costa Rica is the ideal place for those who want to study Spanish in a beautiful natural environment!

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Why choose a Spanish immersion program in Costa Rica?

The main advantage to studying Spanish in a Spanish-speaking country is that you can practice what you learn in class all day. For example, you can go into town to the super market and mingle with the local people. Or in a restaurant you can order your dinner in Spanish. In other words, when you learn Spanish in Costa Rica you get a lot of opportunity to practice. Which you will otherwise not have when you take a Spanish course at home or online. As a result you will learn Spanish faster, and you will make a lot of progress in a few weeks.

About the Spanish Course and schools

We work with excellent schools that offer high quality Spanish instruction. But they don’t forget that the social aspect is equally important. In the afternoon you can join activities like dance classes, cooking classes, zumba classes, just to name a few activities. There are also common areas where you can hang out with other students.

You can choose between studying in a small group with students of the same Spanish level or you can take an intense private Spanish course. The group course has at the most 6 students but usually there will be 3 or 4 students in each group. When you take a private course, it will be just you and the teacher, so that you can decide what to focus on. For example, mainly grammar or verbal skills.

Accommodation during your Spanish course in Costa Rica

All our courses and tours include accommodation in the price. Standard we offer a shared dorm. In other words you share a room with other students. There are maximum 4 beds in the room. However, if you like a bit more privacy, you can also go for a private room. Actually, if you are traveling with a friend a private room for two is almost the same price as a dorm bed. Cooking together is certainly a great way to spend time with the other students. Students often play games or watch movies together at night in the common areas.

Alternatively  you can choose a so-called home stay in both Puerto Viejo and Turialba. You stay with a local family and get one or two meals per day. Staying with a local family is also a great way to practice your Spanish.

Learn Spanish in Costa Rica and travel

Because you might not want to limit yourself to one place you can choose more placs to learn! For this reason we also offer tours where you can combine learning Spanish with traveling to different places. The tours include the Spanish course, accommodation and transfers between places. But many fun and interesting outdoor activities are included as well! Our Spanish & Adventure tour combines two weeks in Turrialba with two weeks in Puerto Viejo. Our Traveling Classroom combines two countries, you learn Spanish in Panama and in Costa Rica!

  • Some facts about Costa Rica

    • Costa Rica is only a 3 hours flight from Miami and 5 hours from New York and there are direct flights from the United states and Europe!
    • A small restaurant in Costa Rica is called a Soda. A meal will only set you back $5.
    • The local currency is called Colon.
    • Costa Rica, a very small country, is in the top 20 of countries with the most biodiversity!
    • Frequently Costa Rica takes the top spot of happiest countries in the world according to happy planet index.
  • About Spanish Language Travels

  • When you learn Spanish in Costa Rica with Spanish Language Travels, you can expect a lot of local knowledge. We choose a school because someone from our team has been there. In fact, two of our team members have lived in Puerto Viejo for years! You can find out more about how we work on this page.

  • By the way, if you want to volunteer after your course, we will be happy to help you out! Both in Puerto Viejo and Turrialba we are able to offer you volunteer programs. You can work with children, elderly people or animals. Just take a look. Some programs ask a small fee, but most are free of charge!

  • Finally, apart from our two locations in Costa Rica we also work with schools in other countries in Central- and South America, in 8 countries! We have Spanish & Adventure Tours in Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador and Peru. Have a look at the places we offer to learn Spanish.