About Us


Who are behind Spanish Language Travels (SLT)?

SLT was founded by Nanouk Brouwer, a Dutch woman with more than 20 years of experience selling language courses in Latin America. Nanouk has traveled to  all the countries where SLT offers classes and she has lived in Costa Rica for eight years. She knows all the schools and places where the schools are situated. That is a the great advantage of booking with a small company; you will be sure that the person answering your questions knows the school and has indeed been to the school. Seven years ago Danielle Krootjes joined the company, she works primarily with the English-speaking clients, while Nanouk focuses on the Dutch market. Danielle is also a Dutch national but resides in Guatemala. 

Why does SLT only work via Internet and email?

We sell Spanish courses not only in Costa Rica but 7 other countries in Latin America. Our aim is to work with the best schools that offer the highest standard of classes at the best possible price for our clients. We don´t have to physically be in each country to do this. We know that the schools we work with will take  excellent care of our clients once they are at the site and if any questions or problems arise we will answer quickly via email or chat.  By not sending brochures and not paying for an office building, we can have the lowest possible rates in the industry.

Why is it to my advantage to book via SLT?

Knowledge,  service and best price. SLT is an excellent option for those who want as much information as possible before booking and have everything arranged upon arrival, that way you can focus on your main goal: learning Spanish in a beautiful environment.  Because we have sent many students to the schools we work with, they are also eager to offer the best teachers and accommodation to SLT’s customers.


How we work


How can I reserve my Spanish course and accommodation with SLT?

Once you know where you want to study and your arrival date and departure date, please fill in the reservation form you can find on this page. We will check availability and send you the booking confirmation and invoice within 24 hours. We will ask you to carefully look over the invoice and let us know if everything is correct. Only after your consent we will confirm everything with the school. After you make the payment we will send you the full details of the school, itinerary and general travel information.

Is it possible to reserve a Spanish language course 6 months from now?

Yes, even if you don’t have a flight reservation. Besides, booking early is to your advantage; the earlier you book the more chance you have of getting the best teachers and host family. Because of our very straight forward cancellation policy you don´t have to worry you will not get your money back if for some unforeseen circumstance you have to cancel.

What happens if I forget to pay?

SLT will send you a payment reminder if we have not received the payment 4 weeks before you leave for your course. If we don’t receive a reply to this reminder we will cancel your reservation at the school to avoid paying cancellation fees.

When do I have to pay and what is SLT’s cancellation policy?

We request payment to confirm the reservation. When we receive payment we will send you the booking confirmation, details about the school and travel information. You are then welcome to check with the school if the reservation has been made by us.

If for any reason you have to cancel before your trip starts, we will immediately refund the entire payment to your account minus a $35 reservation fee. After arrival at the school it is no longer possible to cancel or change any part of the trip.

How can I make the payments for the course and how long does this take?

There are two payment options. The preferred payment option, because it has the lowest cost for both parties, is a direct bank transfer. In the invoice we send, you will find the bank details of our bank in the Netherlands. Our prices are in USD. You can use your online banking program to send the payment in USD, the bank will take care or the conversion to Euros.

If you are not comfortable in making a bank transfers we offer the option to pay via PayPal. However due to the high fees PayPal charges and because of the conversion rate they use, we have to add an extra fee when you use this option. The fee is percentage of the total sum and usually between 3 and 6%.